Beautiful Decline - Richard Duguay Released March 15, 2023 
All songs Into The Black Music ASCAP 2023 except "The Faith Healer" by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. 
Bad JuJu - Richard Duguay Released October 15, 2019 All songs - Into The Black Music ASCAP 2019.

Lead Us to Temptation - Richard Duguay Released February 1, 2018 All songs - Into The Black Music ASCAP 2018 Except Carmelita, written by Warren Zevon Published by Warner Tamerline Publishing Corp. & Darkroom Music BMI 1976. Produced by Richard Duguay, Recorded at Into The Black Studio, Drums recorded at Pawnshop Studio. Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Richard Duguay and Patrick Burkholder.

Big in Cleveland - Richard Duguay & Mike Hudson Released January 1, 2017 Recorded at Into The Black & Pawnshop Studios Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Richard Duguay & Patrick Burkholder Produced by Richard Duguay. Featuring Mike Hudson

Fuck You Fame Whore - Richard Duguay Released 2015 Into The Black Music ASCAP 2015 Recorded at Into the Black Studio. Produced and engineered by Richard Duguay Drums recorded at Pwnshop Studio. Mixed & Mastered by Patrick Burkholder with Richard Duguay.

Gloriously Reckless - Richard Duguay Released 2011 Songs of the City Recorded at LA Audio Lab by Pete Mills. Produced and mixed by Pete Mills and Richard Duguay.