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Beautiful Decline

Richard Duguay's romantic & fatalistic new album from the viewpoint of its two main characters - The Faith Healer & Kid Stardust


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Beautiful Decline picks up where Juju left off, bringing the energy and spirit of Iggy’s street-walkin’ cheetah (check out I Gotta Move) to a Panavision world in
which L.A’s soulless heart (typified in the album’s title track) meets the
gutter wisdom of New York City (as on the Johnny Thunders-meets-the-Velvets snippet that is Widow’s Walk, or the backs to-the-wall declaration of Get in Line). The sonic palette is broadened here, too, with atmospheric synths and piano
introducing a tragic hero called Kid Stardust, who is juxtaposed against
Duguay’s energetic reading of The Alex Harvey Band’s Faith Healer. Through 11
songs, this is grand and epic stuff that sounds fantastic and is also
deceptively complex — every listen reveals more and more of the exquisite musicality
of rock ’n’ roll lifers giving it their best. ★★★★ out of five

John Kendle, Winnipeg Free Press

Richard Duguay’s new album “Beautiful Decline” takes you on quite the ride! Deep & full of drama, it never lets you off the emotional hook . It’s widescreen’d & cinematic by design , but don’t fool yourself for even a second - at its heart  it’s a dirty-assed rock’n’roll record.

Pat Todd

Beautiful Decline serves up a spell never to be forgotten. Imagine a bar room brawl in one of Nick Cave's rowdiest , bloodiest songs, Gallon Drunk are shambling through a cabaret set on the stage and PJ Harvey is picking feathers from a moth-eaten scarf while she peers over the shoulder of the ghost of Johnny Cash…this record hurts where it should and hits you breathless when it can.

Steven Leckie

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Richard Duguay - Rogue Gallery

"Richard is a punk rock legend. From the  early days of Personality Crisis in Winnipeg to the debaucherous rock n roll years in Vancouver; and then the career-defining move to Los Angeles  where he’s played with Duff McKagan toured the world, has a platinum  album for his recording with Guns N’ Roses, and has been involved in  countless other projects over the last 20 years… Richard Duguay has  cemented his place as one of the greats." - Punk Globe Magazine